Dogs in Need of Rescue - January 22nd 2014

Please take a moment to see if you are interested in taking in one of these cuties in or know someone who is : )

Hello live saving fosters and friends!

Below and attached are the dogs who need to be rescued this week! Please let me know if you are available and interested in fostering any of the below pups!

Tuck – Tuck would come to Denver on Saturday 01/25
Tuck is a black and white mixed breed (listed as shar pei/lab) approximately 8 months old. Male, not neutered, 30 lbs. Tuck is a happy friendly guy, he does appear to get along with other dogs & adults; children & cats are unknown. Tuck was found as a stray so his medical history is unknown, but has been given a dose of Pet Armor Plus Flea & Tick medication, also given DAPP vaccine card to be sent with transport. Tuck may not be house trained.

Attached is a spreadsheet with a list of dogs who are in need of rescue who have been used in a laboratory for testing. Their intake/transport date is flexible. I talked to the rescue who we are working with to take these pups, and they gave me some information about the state these dogs are usually in upon arrival in foster care:

Dogs in Need of Rescue
4276 M 2/22/13 65 hound x/dark liver cautious, shy, needs time to adjust, friendly oncecomfortable,likes dogs
4230 M 1/3/13 60 hound x/brown playful, puppyish, silly, loves other dogs, loves people, thinkseverything is a toy
4274 M 2/2/13 85 bloodhound x/brown playful, sweet, loves other dogs, loves toys,can be toy possessive
4271 M 2/2/13 85 mastiff x/brindle playful, friendly
4214 M 12/1/12 75 hound x/brown energetic, playful, likes other dogs, likes toys, silly, curious,likes people
4127 F 10/14/12 50 hound x/tricolor (maj black) friendly, playful, loves other dogs, loves toys, curious,confident
3870 F 5/1/12 50 hound x/tricolor friendly, well-adjusted, playful, loves dogs, loves toys
4233 F 1/17/13 90 mastiff x/brown sweet, shy, doesn’t know size, loves dogs, plays hard
4120 F 10/27/12 70 lab x/black, little white sweet, loves attention, jumps on people, likes dogs,loves toys,BFF 4104
4104 F 9/17/12 55 lab x/black shy, needs time to adjust, secure in kennel, plays with dogs,likes toys, BFF 4120
  • These dogs have been in the lab for about 6 months, most have never been in a house, so they will not likely be house trained
  • Due to their history, crate training is recommended, as it is likely what will make them feel safest
  • The dogs have play time with each other at the lab, so they have been socialized with other dogs (two are even listed as BFFs!)
  • The lab techs who have spent time with these dogs were primarily female, so some might be a little fearful of men at first

Lola – transport TBD

Lola is a 5 year old chihuahua who was taken from a breeding/neglect situation. She is shy, but a sweet little lap dog.

Derek – arriving in Denver on Thursday

1 year old male shepherd/doberman mix. Appears dog friendly and a great guy.

Joey – arriving in Denver on Thursday

4 year old male rat terrier mix, reported as good with dogs and kids

Artie – arriving in Denver on Thursday

7 month old staffordshire terrier, appears dog friendly

Aggie – arriving in Denver on Thursday

3 year old staffordshire terrier, appears dog friendly

If you have any questions, please ask!

Can you only take a puppy? A smaller dog? If you’d like to foster but don’t see a good fit in this email, please email me to let me know that! I will work to find you a dog who needs to be saved.

As always, if you know anyone who might be interested in fostering, please don’t hesitate to send them our foster application or get them in touch with me. I will hug them.

Thank you so much and have a wonderful evening,



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