9Health Fair Yoga Open


The 9Health Fair Yoga Open is a living expo with multiple yoga and nutrition classes throughout the event. Denver health visionaries offer various levels of yoga to the community in conjunction with 9Health Fair. Three areas will provide yoga, yoga lifestyle experience and education for participants. Affordable health screenings from your trusted source, 9Health Fair are available.

The Yogi Area will offer five free 45-minute classes led by top local instructors.

The Welcome to Yoga Area will offer shorter 20 minute classes where attendees can try yoga for the first time as well as be introduced to specialized classes like:

restorative, chair, Spanish-language, meditation, and mindfulness classes

The Yoga Lifestyle Area will focus on nutrition and general lifestyle tips.

 We welcome like-minded vendors to participate in the event within the parameters of 9Health Fair. This is an exciting opportunity to work with health-conscious companies that are advancing natural and mindful practices to better the lives of the community. Sponsor one of the above areas and receive the benefits below. Expected attendance for this event is up to 1,000. In the inaugural year, approximately 700 people attended.

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