Colorado Sun ‘Shine

Colorado Sun 'Shine

DENVER, COLORADO — October 17, 2014 h i p Brand Development, Inc., a leading beverage branding, development and marketing company based in Denver, Colorado has announced today that they have signed a joint venture agreement with Colorado’s own Big Head Todd and the Monsters (BHTM) to launch a unique new White Whiskey (a/k/a Moonshine) product.  Colorado Sun ‘Shine™ is born and made in Colorado, and brings an amazingly smooth higher proof (52.80 Alc% / 105.6 Proof) unaged white whiskey to a market that is currently dominated by lower proof and fruity, sweet offerings that originate mostly from the eastern United States.
HIP Brands CEO Jim Watson commented, “We were in development of Sun ‘Shine for about six months, and actually accelerated the process earlier this year due to what we saw as a distinct need in the market for a ‘true’ high proof ‘shine, that’s smooth but without all the fruit and sugar infusion.  The fact that we’ll be the first product in this category that’s Colorado made and branded is only a plus.”  Mr. Watson then explained the events that led up to the JV with BHTM.  “A friend of mine, who happens to be long time friends with the guys in BHTM, had a chance to try some of our very first production-ready sample batches.  He loved it, mentioned it to BHTM’s management about a week later and the next thing we know we’re meeting with the Band.”  Watson said the rest is history.  “After meeting with the guys, we knew and they knew it was a great fit.  As their fans in Colorado and around the country know, these guys are not only extremely talented musicians but also very solid, Colorado people.”
Colorado Sun ‘Shine should be available in and around the Denver metro area by November 1st and in most parts of Colorado by the end of the year.  For more information visit
About Big Head Todd and The Monsters
Since their formation in the mid-’80s, Big Head Todd & the Monsters have continued to evolve and explore, moving beyond their Colorado club circuit roots to become one of the most adventurous, respected and durable bands in America. Through constant touring and a zeal to travel down new musical avenues in the studio, BHTM (as their dedicated fans call them) have honed their collective stew of influences into a trademark hybrid sound that’s immediately recognizable. Now, with Black Beehive, their maiden release on Shout! Factory, the quartet has made its most personal and poignant album to date, a collection of new studio tracks that, says co-founder and figurehead Todd Park Mohr, “allows us to truly reach our audience through the language of the blues.”
For BHTM, Black Beehive serves as both a reaffirmation of the band’s roots and a step into the next 25 years. Founded as a trio in Boulder, Colorado in 1986, Big Head Todd & the Monsters quickly built a strong reputation on the local club circuit. As word of their soulful and intense live show traveled around the nation they found themselves filling larger and larger venues. BHTM have now played Denver’s historic Red Rocks Amphitheater more than 20 times, and are embedded in the fabric of Colorado’s music scene. For more information, visit

About h i p Brand Development, Inc.
Since its incorporation in early 2012, h i p Brand Development has been focused on developing unique, leading edge products for the adult beverage industry.  Their first product, WICKED HARD,® is a pre-mixed cocktail that’s clear, crisp and lightly carbonated. WH is the ‘real cocktail’ alternative to the many flavored malt beverages that have been on the market for over a decade.  Currently available in (4) great tasting flavors, it contains no artificial colors, flavors or sweeteners and its Gluten Free.  Packaged in a convenient, eco-friendly 12oz aluminum can, WH is 9% alcohol by volume (18 proof) and the equivalent of two (2) standard pre-mixed cocktails, so every ‘can’ is a double.  The Company’s second product, Colorado Sun ‘Shine™ is a higher proof (52.80% ABV / 105.6 Proof) Moonshine Whiskey, that is incredibly smooth and easy to drink.  Born out of the rugged Colorado Rocky Mountains, Colorado Sun ‘Shine blends the finest distilled grain (corn) spirits and the purest Rocky Mountain water with quality, natural flavors to create the smoothest ‘Shine under the sun.  You’ll never find a watered down 80 proof white whiskey in our bottles.  We guarantee that!  For more information about the Company and its exciting products, please visit .


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