Band Together

Enhancing our Community one Artist at a Time


Band Together’s Mission is to impact our local artists in Colorado by promoting growth, empowerment, and support. Our goal is to build business relationships, provide education and community awareness.


Who are members?

Our members are any local artists who is looking to further their career in music.

What do you get as a member?

Member Discounts, Education, Networking, Philanthropy, Connections

♪ Member Discounts

  • Discounted Rates with Colorado Music Buzz Magazine, Print, Digital, Social
  • Discounts with local business in the music industry
  • Discounts with local businesses in the community


  • Workshops, Seminars and Panels that are FREE for members to attend. Topics will cover music industry, business, marketing, social media, philanthropy.

♪Free Networking Events

  • Network with other musicians, music industry professionals and business professionals in the community


  • Connect with Band Together Non Profit Partners
  • Learn how to integrate and build your philanthropic plan
  • Support your community financially
  • Amazing Volunteer Opportunities


  • Introductions to professionals in the industry
  • Strategic partnerships
  • Inclusion in the Band Together Music Bin at our Partner Stores
  • Weekly Member emails with special access, discounts and giveaways

Why Band Together

Band Together is a program to bring local artists together, to build, enhance, and impact our community.

What happens at the Networking events?

Networking with Intention. Create new partnerships.  Learn from your peers.

Seminars and Workshops

Topics will cover both music industry specific as well as business development. We believe it’s important to create strategic partnerships both in and outside of your industry. We will have a variety of speakers featured throughout the year that will cover an array of topics.

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